About Us

We are a non-profit international global team/company/club. In general, our main purpose is not making money to grow a bigger bank account, but to educate people.

The world is in great danger, the planet Earth is on the way to destruction.
All because of a misunderstanding, a lack of knowledge about life between people and nations.

Without giving a real try, we won’t surrender to that fate.
It will take a godlike vision, knowledge, and wisdom to help and save the people.

We are going to do something very special to help all, as a group of people trying to save the planet Earth from cyber online.

We are going to teach people a lot of new things in life, via various platforms and methods: from philosophy, books, technology, and economy, to pictures, music, anime, and video.

At the same time we are not going to give everything for free like a charity, since most people do not care about a freebie raw book of knowledge.

Our main priority is on the financial economic system and human development evolution.
Because, you cannot save Earth or manage climate change if the people are not calm nor smart enough.

Join us on the special journey to heaven at: saviorscyber.com or saviorsfromcyber.com.

Best Regard,
Saviors From Cyber Group